NFL 2019 countdown: NFL betting strategies v 2.0

This summer ZCode System has presented several NFL betting strategy and hacks articles to help you make more profits when wagering on football all season long.

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We have some more NFL betting strategies to give you an edge over sportsbooks. These NFL betting ideas will give you an upper-hand when taking on the bookies.

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So, what our ZCode System’s NFL betting strategies v 2.0?

1. Don’t bet on every game

One of the big issues we find with losing bettors is they wager on every NFL game during the week. This is a way to lose money and to prevent yourself from capitalizing on certain games.

It is often said that bettors should not wager on every game possible. Yet, plenty of bettors think they can outsmart the bookies by placing a bet on all the NFL games on a Sunday.

Do your homework and pick specific games. Once you have narrowed down your games, figure out which bet you want to make. Is it moneyline, total points, or something else? Your research should help you figure out the bet you want to make and how much you want to wager.

The key here is not to force a bet. If there is only one game that looks appealing and you have an edge with, then that is the only game you should wager on. Don’t bet on four games just to bet. Find an edge and make your bet. If you only find one quality bet, make it.

2. Shop around

Do you want to make money on NFL betting in 2019? Then don’t be afraid to shop around. Use an odds betting website that collates odds from various sportsbooks. This gives you the chance to shop around and find the best odds for the game you want to wager on.

So, once you have determined which game you want to bet on and the wager you would like to make, shop around for the best odds before placing it.

3. Keep your emotions in check

This goes beyond betting on your favorite team and letting your biases get the best of you. Losses happen and they shouldn’t affect the way you bet. Stick with your strategy and don’t let one or two losses make you change it.

Now, if you are constantly losing game after game, week after week, then maybe your strategy doesn’t work and the tipsters you use are poor.

When you feel your emotions getting the best of you, take a break, recharge your batteries, and reflect on the NFL games you are betting on. One correct decision can change everything for you.

Finally, take your betting seriously and never mix sports betting with alcohol. If you want sports betting to be your job, full-time or part-time, then treat it like you would when going to the office.

When you go to Las Vegas, casinos are happy to give away free drinks. Why? Because people make bad financial decisions when drinking. Stay sober and aware of what your betting on.

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