Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Meet Anthony – professional full time sports investor and trader. Horse racing and Tennis Winning Tips.

Welcome to another episode of our Zcode Sports Betting Podcast that
will help you to become a successful sports investor. We try our best
to bring you best of the best, the most inspiring guests who share
their message, their systems and their picks with you in order to help
you succeed. We take sports betting really seriously and treat it as a
business; because if done right, there is tons of money to be made by
professionally investing in sports. And you heard right, I said
investing in sports, not gambling on sports. Today my guest is
special, he is not just betting sports but making a living of
professionally betting and trading sports. Anthony is a sports
investor from the UK, you may not see him so much on the zCode wall
but he is extremely active within the forums.

1.Anthony, thank you for joining us today, could you tell us your
background, where you’re from and how did you get started with sports

2.Betting in the UK has gone through some changes recently, to those
who haven’t been to the UK, and London to be more specific, the amount
of bookmakers available on the high streets can be compared to the
amount of pubs in Ireland, Dublin. Most recently a man has attempted
to go from one side of Dublin to the other without going past a single
pub, and I believe such challenge but for bookmakers would be even
tougher to do in London. Cutting to the question though, do you expect
many changes over the coming years in the industry?

3.Naturally you bet on horses, quite a lot, and your knowledge in this
department is impeccable, what is your general strategy and how does
horse racing in Europe differ from horse racing in the US?

4.You’ve mentioned slow expansion to US Racing, do you believe US
horse racing is generally more predictable? I’d like to also
understand how you analyses horse racing

5.You enjoy making systems, and you’re a fantastic statistician, could
you tell us about the systems you’re working on at the moment?

6.Do you tend to utilize any of the zCode tools for your personal
analysis in other sports?

7.Given that you like to bet on PGA and horse racing I’d love to find
out about your most memorable win, it doesn’t have to be in terms of
how much money you won, but the one that is stuck in your memory to
this fine day.

8.At last what sort of plans have you got for your systems this year?

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