Taking sports betting to the next level: from beginner to a pro? Meet Michael.

Hi guys, Jake here, and welcome to another episode of our Zcode Sports
Betting Podcast that will help you to become a successful sports
investor. Every month we bring on a sports investor who share their
betting experiences with the listeners. This time we’ve decided to
change it up a bit and bring a new member in who began investing only
recently. Michael is going to tell us about his experience and give
hot tips for those who never bet, but are looking to get started.

Inside you will learn
Betting options for Canadian players
Choosing online bookies?
Starting with zcode and the proper mindset
Overcoming stress with sports
What bankroll you need to get started?
Following automated systems
Rookie mistakes to avoid?
Creating your own system?
Picking winnings in MLB and Tennis?

1.Michael, thank you for joining us today, could you tell us your
background, where you’re from and how did you get started with sports
2.What’s betting in Toronto like, do you have many options? Could we
say you’re spoilt for choice?
3.As a firefighter I’m sure your job is built with adrenaline on day
to day basis, it’d be funny to think that sports betting can be a way
for you to release the stress?
4.You’re a huge fan of analysis, what people influenced you the most
within the community?
5.I believe you started out with 500$, many people before they join,
they think they need an insane bankroll to be able to be profitable
but rather contrary, recently I calculated that all you need is 3
units of profit per day to make over $5000 in your first year and i
believe this is the sort of target you have set for yourself. How is
this going for you so far?
6.When you got started I’m sure you were quite overwhelmed, lots of
people posting and sharing their ideas what would be your best piece
of advice that you’d give to someone that’s new?
7.What sort of systems do you follow and benefit from right now, I’m
aware you are a huge fan of progressions is this correct?
8.You love baseball, are you looking to make your own system in the
future perhaps for this fine sport as that’s where your passion lies?
9.At last what sort of resolution have you taken from being a member
of the community for the last few months, did zCode exceed your


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