NFL 2014 Season Predictions and Picks. Insights & System for Super Bowl

Welcome back for another exciting episode of our Zcode sports
betting podcast! The new 2014 NFL season is about to start, so today we are in
the studio with Mark to discuss the upcoming NFL season and
give your our predictions and picks!! So without further ado, lets dive
into action!!

Inside this show

During the season that is about to start, which teams will you
be looking at to bet on or to bet against? Do you already have a
pre-analysis with pre-season matches?

Do you start betting right away when the season starts?
Or how many weeks do you wait to start your systems? And of course,
what is the trigger factor for your decision to start betting?

Once you decide that is time to start using your betting
strategy in the NFL season, do you keep same strategy all through the
season or do you adjust it depending on teams’ performances?

Do you consider that betting on MNF (Monday night football)
games is rather a good idea or do you prefer to avoid those matches? Or
does it really not matter, as your analysis for the MNF game is the same
as for any other match played on the weekend?
I would repeat the above question, but in relation to Sunday
night football games or even Thursday night football games. Any
difference in the analysis of these matches?
You are well known for your live betting and the fact that you’re very
successful and make big cash at it. Please tell us more about this
strategy and how your followers can benefit from it. How can they follow
Do you establish a goal for every regular season in terms of
profits? Let’s say, 30 units or something like that? When do you
consider a regular season as successful for you? Once you reach your
goal, do you stop betting to avoid over betting?
Now my favourite part, the playoffs. I have seen that most of the
handicappers prefer to avoid this part of the season, but for me it is
the most exciting part. How do you manage your betting style during
the playoffs?

The Superbowl. The big game. We know you have an impressive
record in picking the winner of this match. 7-1 right? Wow, amazing. How
did you achieve this?

This year. If you could tell me your 3 candidates to win the
Super Bowl… who are those teams?

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