Top Performing Automated Systems for May

May is a big month for sports. Not only do you have Major League Baseball in full swing, but the major European soccer leagues are wrapping up with big cup finals.

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The NBA and NHL Playoffs are all going strong making this a great time to wager on sports.

What is the best way to bet on sports and grow your bankroll? It is by following ZCode System’s top performing automated systems for the month of May. These top performing systems will help you make great predictions on sports and win more cash money. The automated systems are a perfect tool to help you win.


So, here is a look at the top performing automated systems for May as we focus on baseball and soccer this spring.

Zet System

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The Zet System is our top system to follow in May for baseball bettors. With a profit of over $59,200, you cannot go wrong with this automated system.

This system knows baseball and it is bringing home the goods with money line betting. Zet System is making an ROI of 43.2 percent right now. Don’t miss this baseball betting system.

Andrey System

Another Major League Baseball devoted system that is killing is the Andrey System. The system has made over $10,500 and is going strong. Sports betting investors are making an ROI of 7 percent on this brilliant system.

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If you like line reversal betting and money line wagers, then this is the baseball system for you.

The Abacus System

Abacus is doing a great job making baseball betting profits. Over $9,000 has been made by the system.

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Other baseball betting systems to follow this month

MLB Alpha/Delta

Bigdog System

KISS MLB system

Find them all at

If soccer is your favorite sport to bet on, don’t miss these great soccer betting automated systems.

Mario System

The Mario System is a go-to soccer system for those of us that love betting on the beautiful game.

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With a profit of over $15,000 and an ROI of 23 percent, the Mario System makes betting on soccer a win-win proposition.

Thedane System

Thedane System is another top soccer focused system that is bringing in wins. It has made over $7,000 in profits with an ROI of 6.4 percent.

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Other soccer betting systems to follow this month

Tom Antipublic System

Andrey Soccer System

Find them all at

Are you a soccer bettor? Then don’t miss out on the all-new ZCode System Soccer Buddy tool.

What is the Soccer Buddy tool?

It is an advanced scores prediction formula that takes into account 80-plus parameters, optimized on historical data to perform 10,000 simulations of soccer games and predict the probability of a draw. The color coding shows confidence levels in each game.

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The Soccer Buddy tool analyses all the soccer games of the day through many popular leagues and tries to find anomalies and value bets where certain outcomes that have a higher probability, such as possible draws, possible over/under, both teams to score, first half over 0.5 goals, and more.

The new tool can only be found at

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