Advantages and Disadvantages of making accumulator (parlay) bets

Accumulator bets are incredibly popular methods of wagering on sports. However, like all betting methods, accumulators have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of the reasons you may like to make an accumulator bet and why you may think twice before laying on down.

An accumulator, or parlay depending on the terminology you prefer to use, is a single bet that comprises two or more individual wagers. An accumulator’s result is dependent on all of the individual wagers winning.


If you make a soccer accumulator bet on four Premier League matches, you would need all four results to be successful to win the accumulator bet. If one of the selections is not successful in your accumulator, then the entire bet loses.


Advantages of an accumulator bet

Accumulators have their advantages when betting and you may want to give a parlay a try the next time you wager on sports.

The obvious advantage of making an accumulator bet is the amount of profit you can win for a little stake. Even picking games in which the favorite is nailed on to win, you can get great odds when the accumulator selections are made.

The value that can be made when betting on an accumulator can be significant. One parlay win could make your day, week, or month when it comes to betting on sports.

Calculating the odds for accumulators is simple thanks to handy acca calculators. This one is an easy accumulator calculator to use and you can find out how much you will make from your selections.

Disadvantages of accumulator bets

There are disadvantages that come with making parlay bets. One of which is the risk that you take when making the bet. The more selections you add to your accumulator, the riskier the bet is even if the results are nailed on. The more you add the more likely you are to lose.

Although accumulators are a great way to make significant profits, they are typically a bet used by casual bettors. This is because of the risk that is involved with making a parlay. Professional bettors stay clear of parlay bets focusing on individual sports games instead.

One of the sports that sees a lot of parlay bets is soccer. This is due to the various markets sportsbooks allow soccer bettors to wager on. Win markets, goal totals, both teams to score, player to score, and more markets are available from leading sportsbooks when it comes to soccer. However, accumulator bets can be made with other sports as well. Or you can use accumulators to combine a variety of sports from baseball to football to NBA basketball.

Is an accumulator for you? You could find success in making parlay bets but like everything with sports betting, you need to do your homework before laying down the bet.

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