We have reached the half-way point in the contest and there are 4 contenders with slightly bigger advantages and bankrolls over $11000. With current contest dynamics its still possible to join the contest and play one of the main roles so I encourage everyone to try it! Let’s see in detail how contenders performed in round 5.
Snork(clev***) continuous his domination! The fifth consecutive win gives $11 305 in the bank and Snork(clev***) holds a leading spot in the rank. This time he played totals and it paid back excellently Congratulations!

The pursuing group played even stronger than the contest leader so the leader’s advantage decreased a bit. Second in the rank Aistis(aistis***) played again @2.5 with 3 units and cashed $450. Buffalo Bills played as expected and Aistis(aistis***) owns bankroll $11 250 so only $55 behind the leader. So close! Well done man!

Finally again showed up in the contest Jaka(jaka.josipo***) and when he shows up he is like a Luka Dončić! This time Slovenian jumped on with full power on Ravens and cashed $450 which gives $11 236 in the bank and moves him 3 places up, in 3rd place. Congrats!

4th in the rank Clutch(jason.ur***) is the last player with over $11k in the bank which makes him one of the best performers in the contest. This time Bengals delivered big and Clutch(jason.ur***) is on amazing streak $1098 profit in the last 3 rounds which gives total bankroll $11 236. Excellent!

It’s also worth emphasizing the result provided in round 5 by Jenda(ja.n***) who was one of 3 players with maximum profit. It fires immediately Jenda(ja.n***) in the rank and he gets spot number 12. Well done!

It’s impossible to miss also Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***) who beats his own records with consecutive wins. Currently, he has 15 wins in a row and there is really no competitor for Geoffrey(rwtaylor1***). He really mastered this game. Chapeau Bas!

You had no luck so far? No worries! After round 6 we reset ALL bankrolls below the starting level to make competition spicier! Yes! No excuses, time to chase contest leaders now! Good luck!

Please take a look below on the top players in round 5 and be ready for round 6, it is just behind the corner! Start on Saturday!


1 Aistis(aistis***) $450

2 Jaka(jaka.josipo***) $450

3 Jenda(ja.n***) $450

4 Buckwheat(weisman***) $283

5 Clutch(jason.ur***) $273

6 Cyril(cyril) $273

7 Clint(weirdealsonl***) $273

8 David(attorneyso) $273

9 Gergely(geri.rulett) $258

10 Michal(michal) $255


1 Snork(clev***) 0 $11 305

2 Aistis(aistis***) +2 $11 250

3 Jaka(jaka.josipo***) +3 $11 236

4 Clutch(jason.ur***) -1 $11 098

5 S(manchesterunitedro***) -3 $10 750

6 Rogelio(rmons***) -1 $10 712

7 Buckwheat(weisman***) +5 $10 706

8 Jm(jose64mac***) +5 $10 600

9 Alan(expert2***) -1 $10 532

10 Cyril(cyril) +8 $10 519


1st place – $400 USD

2nd place – $300 USD

3rd place – $200 USD

4th place – $100 USD

Special Prize – Longest winning streak $150 USD


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