How betting calculators can take the pain out of smart betting

  • Learn how using a betting calculator can help you beat the odds.
  • Make wagering on sports easier by using a betting calculator to work out your best odds every time, making the most of your staking and profitability when betting.

Betting on a wide range of sports can be entertaining and profitable, once we get a hang of the basics and get to know what we’re doing. However, with so many different bookmakers around and such a wide variety of markets available, even for individual events such as a football match or horse race, knowing whether we’re getting the best odds or potential winnings can still be tricky business.

Thankfully, there are betting calculators online that can help with that, so whether we’re mathematically challenged or just want to compare the different kinds of bets we’re placing, there are now tools available that can help make our betting much clearer and far easier to understand.

What is a betting calculator?


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Simply put, a betting calculator is a software tool designed to help bettors work out the potential payouts from their bets. Some are quite basic and aimed at focusing on individual or specific ways of betting, while others such as the online betting return calculator have many more options, with practically every betting type featured and the most common odds formats. These include decimal, fractional and American odds formats, given that all can vary slightly.

Handy to utilise alongside some of our own betting tools, such as predictors and statistical utilities, a betting calculator is a very useful tool for planning your bets, especially for those who are keen to keep an eye on how much they’re betting and how profitable their bets have been. Likewise, betting calculators are extremely useful tools for comparing the odds offered by bookmakers, not to mention different varieties of wagers and betting markets, so you can quickly judge where to place your bets.

Which sports odds can be calculated?


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Given that football remains the most popular sport around the world, according to, it’s also typically the most popular for wagering and the variety of betting markets available, which lends itself to making use of tools such as betting calculators to make working out all those odds a little more straightforward. Along with track events such as horse racing and greyhound racing, or even certain motor sports events, some calculators are even dedicated towards specific sports, aimed at assisting those who focus on niche betting markets.

However, the most popular usage for online betting return calculators tends to be for the major team sports, ranging from American football and NBA basketball to NHL ice hockey and MLB baseball, or even rugby and cricket. Practically speaking, you can use a betting calculator with almost any sport, including tennis and golf.

How do I use a betting calculator?

Some betting calculators can look fairly complex at first glance, however, most of them are actually very simple to use. The user has the ability to choose between the following options when calculating a bet:

Odds Format: Decimal, Fractional, American.

Bet Type: Single, Double, Treble, Trixie, Accumulator, etc.

Stake Type: Total Combined Stake, or Individual Stake Per Bet.

Selections: How many betting lines you want to include.

From there, it’s simply a case of adding your stake amount and the odds offered by each bookmaker. A good betting calculator will then display the Total Outlay (how much you’re staking), Total Return (how much you get back if the bet is successful), along with the Total Profit you will make from a successful bet.

Given that profitability is the key factor for anyone serious about betting, when entering different kinds of bets or even comparisons of odds for different betting markets or bookmakers, the betting calculator save lots of time. Essentially, whatever data you enter, it does the hard, mathematical work for you. It’s also an extremely quick and easy way to keep track of your betting patterns for future reference.

Keeping it simple

It goes without saying, it’s handy to compare the odds and payouts from different bookies, especially if you’ve got some of our sports tips to work with. Likewise, many professional bettors typically use tools like betting calculators to manage their staking plans, keep on top of their profitability and track their overall betting performance. The trick with any good betting calculator is that it’s easy to use and displays all the data you need to see, which makes it worthwhile looking around for something that suits the way you place your bets.

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