it’s here…zLive BIG Reveal (Finally)

The zLive bot was finally activated! Enjoy!

It’s a new live betting strategy that predicts highly profitable bets on soccer, hockey and even baseball!

There are 2 ways to follow the bot:

1. Using the Zcode VIP club – simply login to your account, go to the WALL and on the right side you will see the new window called zLive Bot Signals – the bot is posting the picks in real time and grading them later as a win or loss.

You can set the bot to send the Browser push notifications and sound alerts so you don’t miss the picks!

2. Using the dedicated zLive bot page. This page has all the picks posted in real time, as well as the past results and charts. The page is auto updating and sending the browser push notifications as well.

The new app will be developed in future.

Now, once you see the live bets appearing you can simply open your bookie account and place the bets quickly.

Usually, the bot is betting on totals such as “first Half over 0.5 goals” etc. It means our bet will win if they score at least one goal in a given half.

In case you wonder about the odds – our target odds are from 1.4 to 2.0. Remember the odds during the live games change every minute if not every second, that is nothing to worry about! If they scored too quickly and you did not have time to place a bet – simply pass on such bet, there are plenty of opportunities each day, passing a bet here and there does not change the whole picture.

The results have been amazing! Some days the win rate is as high as 86% and up to 79% on average. Very impressive results! Of course, the strategy is not a crystal ball and nobody can win 100% or guarantee future success. However, if you follow it consistently, the results should not disappoint you! The bot posts plenty of bets through the day, of course you don’t have to follow them all, just pick the games that are convenient for you, watch games live and bet them live!

That’s all for today guys, I hope you enjoy this next generation tool that will help you win BIG!

Remember to upgrade to VIP club to unlock all bets from zlive bot and other tools. See you inside!

-> Upgrade here to get access to VIP and all the tools including zLive bot

zlive_results-> Upgrade here to get access to VIP and all the tools including zLive bot


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