Why am I always losing?

Cycle nature of sports investing. Classic newbie question – Why am I always losing?
By Trey.

When I was just starting capping and following cappers I got burned by murpheys law every single time.

for example I started following say CapperY when he was on fire and breaking records every day. as soon as I did it, Murpheys law kicks in and he started to cool down. After a few losing days days, I say WTF it’s not working. His strategy is no longer good. I gave up just to see he is back on winning track.. that’s why people who jump from system to system changing approach every week always collect just loses. consistency is the key.

How to apply these laws:
1. Look for a proven capper or system on a losing streak with the first signs of heating up. That’s when you want to jump on the profit train.
2. Be cautious when the capper or system is winning too long. he is due for a losing streak. With the first signs of the losing streak take a pass until the new up cycle starts.
3. If something can go wrong – It WILL.
4. Don’t jump from system to system every week, try to be consistent. like stamos for example.

same is true for the teams. When Padres are losing they are losing badly. When they are hot they beat everyone. Nobody can be consistently bad or consistently winning all the time. Even Yankees and Rangers get swept. Cycles rule is above everything.

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