Why do bookmakers close or limit accounts? How can you avoid it?

One of the most frustrating and maddening things that can happen to a sports bettor is having his/her account closed or limited by a sportsbook. It isn’t uncommon to read sportsbooks reviews from customers lamenting the fact that their account was closed by a bookmaker.

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Many times, bettors do not understand why this occurs as sportsbooks may not give a thorough or accurate explanation. So, why do bookmakers stop or limit accounts?

Why has your account been closed or limited?

One of the main reasons a sports bettor’s account gets closed or limited is due to their shrewdness as a bettor. One of the best ways to make profits on sports betting is to survey sportsbooks for the best odds. Websites like Oddschecker.com aggregate the best odds for a sporting event and list which sportsbooks offer the most competitive odds.

Bookmakers are onto the tactics of shrewd sports bettors and will close or limit an account when punters sign-up to make a bet on a specific event based on the better value odds. Sportsbooks do not play fairly in this way and monitor accounts to keep an upper-hand.

Another reason for an account being closed or limited is due to customers signing up for multiple bookmakers to simply use the sign-up or welcome bonus before moving onto the next sportsbook. Bonus and promotion abuse is a key reason sportsbooks shut customers down and stop them from betting. Sportsbooks will monitor your use of a promotion to see if you are abusing it.

Winning too much money is another reason sportsbooks close punters’ accounts. Limits are often put on punters who win too often and take home big winnings. Bookmakers want to make a profit, so if you are winning too much money, too often, you can see your account closed.

Finally, sportsbooks can be angered by punters who have multiple accounts with them. Multiple accounts mean you can abuse bonuses and promotions.

Sportsbooks are always on the lookout for professional gamblers who know the business inside and out and have a betting system. If your online sports betting activity raises the eyebrows of sportsbooks, then you can have your account closed.

How to avoid having your account closed or limited?

When you open a new online account, don’t start with huge bets. This will immediately raise the interest of the sportsbook, who will restrict or close your account. Sportsbooks do not want to pay out large amounts of money and want punters to spend more than they win. So, start small when you open a new account and build up.

Don’t bet odd stakes. Wager round numbers such as $5.00 rather than $5.71. Why is this? Betting weird sums triggers bookmakers and they believe you are a professional bettor. Professional bettors know the odds thoroughly and betting a specific amount will allow them to win the most profits possible. Bookmakers do not want to deal with sharp bettors and weird stakes can get your account closed.

Don’t deposit and cashout your account regularly. The less often you deposit and cashout, the fewer fees a bookmaker must pay to transfer funds.

Finally, one of the best ways to keep sportsbooks from knowing you are a well-informed and potentially professional bettor is to make a “mug bet”. What is a mug bet? It is a bet that makes you look like a non-pro or casual punter. Rather than using your usual system, place a wager like a casual bettor. If you win, then great. If you lose, then you will resemble a casual punter.

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